LRHazeFilters – Dehaze controls for Lightroom 6

LRHazeFilters is a plug-in for Lightroom 6 that provides a way to adjust Dehaze.

It began as the LRHaze plug-in that only allowed the Dehaze setting for the whole photo to be modified. It then expanded to become LRHazeFilters when I found how to modify the Dehaze, Whites and Blacks settings on Graduated and Radial Filters and Adjustment Brushes.

When the LRHazeFilters control is installed in Lightroom it adds the LRHazeFilters menu under Help – Plug-in Extras, with sub-menus for Dehaze Control and Graduated and radial filters. Please follow the links for details on how they each work.

Download the latest version of LRHazeFilters or see the full version history.

If you have not installed a Lightroom plug-in before here is a guide.

If you already have the LRHaze plug-in installed and want to upgrade to LRHazeFilters, I suggest that you uninstall LRHaze as the Dehaze Control function is the same in both plug-ins.


Although LRHazeFilters works when released there is no guarantee that it will work in future versions of Lightroom.

The Dehaze Control that adjusts dehaze for the whole photo works on Lightroom version 6.1 through 6.13. The controls for filters works on Lightroom 6.2 through 6.13.

LRHazeFilters and the older LRHaze do not work on older versions of Lightroom (LR Version 5.x or LR 6.0 or LR 6.0.1) because those versions of Lightroom do not contain the dehaze function.

I am making this plug-in freely available for anyone that would like it, on the basis that you use it at your own risk. If you have any concern about what the plug-in does (you should for any software you do not trust!) please have a look at the files before installing the plug-in. Lua files are just plain text files.

The plug-in was build and tested on Windows. I have received feedback that LRHaze works in the Apple world but I cannot test this myself, and I do not yet know about LRHazeFilters. I expect that it will work and I would value feedback.

My comments about the local Whites and Blacks adjustments here may also be of interest, but note that these comments were made before LRHazeFilters was created.