LRHazeFilters version history

This is a record of all released versions of the LRHaze and LRHazeFilters plug-in.

File Version Comment 2.3 Add a button to zero the Dehaze slider. Thanks to Hubert for the suggestion. 2.2 Add support for Adjustment Brushes. Thanks to Ernst for the hint that made this work. 2.1 Update to handle missing dehaze value on a Mac. 2.0 Initial release for Graduated Filters and Radial Filters. Please treat this as a beta test version. 1.5 Work around a Lightroom bug that resulted in the first mouse click on the LRHaze settings being ignored. 1.4 Consolidate all adjustments in LRHaze into one entry in History showing the final change to Dehaze. Thanks to Arthur for pointing out how to make this work. 1.3 Automatically switch to the develop module if elsewhere rather than just displaying a message saying that LRHaze can only be used from the develop module. Thanks jonnybrad2001. 1.2 Work around for Process setting not available on a Mac. This may mean LRHaze does not detect the use of a Process prior to 2012 and the Dehaze setting being ignored. 1.1 Added checks of LR version and Process setting. Waring: may fail on a Mac 1.0 Initial version

Although the first file listed should be the best one to use, it is possible that there may be a reason to use on older version.

I hope I never take on the arrogance of some software suppliers that try to force their customers to use the latest version whether the customer wants it or not.



  1. Hi: Some time ago I downloaded your original tool and used it for months. But I lost the App for some reason. Now I have downloaded 2.2 and placed the files into a folder LRPlugins called up the Manager panel and when I browsed to the folder I get a pop-up “An error occurred while attempting to load this plug-in”. I’m using LR6.7
    Can you suggest something?

    Best regards,


    • Bob,
      The folder you put the files from the download zip into has to be named LRHazeFilters.lrplugin – the “.lrplugin” part of folder name is required by Lightroom to recognise a plugin.


  2. Thanks a lot for all your work!!!
    I just wanted to know if it would be possilbe to add the new Lightroom-feature “Structure” also like the lrhaze-plugin?


    • Didi, Thanks for your comments. Sorry it is not possible to create a Structure plugin because LR6 does not know how to process Structure. LRDehaze works by providing a way to modify the Dehaze setting that LR6 can process but Adobe decided to leave out of the user interface.


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