Comments about the Whites and Blacks adjustments

The following comments were made before LRHazeFilters was developed. I am leaving them as a record of why the direct, realtime updating of values in filters does not work.


The Lightroom CC update released at the same time as Lightroom 6.1 introduced the Dehaze adjustment and also added local Whites and Blacks adjustments to the Gradient Filter, Radial Filter and Local adjustment brush.

I looked at the possibility of creating a similar plug-in to LRHaze to support the new local Whites and Blacks adjustments, but it appears that these settings are blocked in Lightroom 6.1.

In Lightroom SDK terms: LrDevelopController.getValue(“local_Whites2012”) always returns nil in Lightroom 6.1.

With the introduction of local Dehaze in Lightroom 6.2, I again looked to see if it could be used, but again found that access is blocked.

In Lightroom SDK terms: LrDevelopController.getValue(“local_Dehaze”) always returns nil in Lightroom 6.2.

You can draw your own conclusions about the fact that LRHaze works. It might be by design or it might be that there is a bug or oversight in Lightroom 6.1 that lets it work at present. If it is a bug and the bug gets ‘fixed’ in the future, LRHaze may stop working.




  1. I think the challenge here is identifying what local black and white changes apply to which brush stroke. I’ve looked through the XML file where there are several brush strokes: there is no unique identifier, just a list of brush strokes in order. Trying to separate them out so they can be controlled by a GUI is going to be the difficult part, if it can be done of course.


  2. Andrew: I have not bothered to sort out all the details of the brush and gradient information in the XMP file (it is XML format) but it does look like the location is the only thing that makes a brush/gradient unique. See ZeroX and ZeroY for a gradient or “d [number] [number]” in the CorrectionMasks section for a brush. As a first guess this provides the anchor point that you can select with the brush.
    The real challenge is to find a way to make LR reread the updated XMP file without having to go through all the manual steps of the Synchronise Folder process. The LR SDK does not appear to provide the means to do this – at least not that I have discovered so far.


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