Lightroom 6 Dehaze

This page is an overview of the Dehaze Control that was first released as the LRHaze plug-in then later became one part of LRHazeFilter when I worked out how to control settings on filters. The Dehaze Control described here provides a way to adjust the Dehaze setting that applies to the whole photo.

When the Lightroom 6.1 update came out with just “bug fixes” and none of the new features of Lightroom CC (now called Lightroom Classic CC) I was not happy. However after some research I found that it was quite possible to create a plug-in that provided control of the Dehaze setting that was included in the CC version.

Installation instructions are here if you have not installed a plug-in before.

When the LRHazeFilters plug-in is installed it adds a menu item

Help – Plug-In Extras – LRHazeFilters – Dehaze Control

You can only use it while in the Develop module. When selected, a window with a dehaze slider opens:


Please see these notes about adjusting settings.

You can move the Dehaze window to a place on the screen where it is not in the way, and it will remember this location. Change the slider and observe the effect on the current image. Click OK to close the Dehaze window and resume normal Lightroom editing, or Cancel to discard changes just made to the dehaze value. You may find the first click on the dehaze window is lost – just click it again. (Fixed in version 1.5)

I have updated the plug-in to add checks of the Lightroom version and Process version of the selected photo to avoid confusion in cases where Dehaze may not be available.

I have also updated the plug-in to automatically switch to the develop module if another module is active when the plug-in is run. Thanks for the suggestion jonnybrad2001.

I have updated the plug-in so only the final change to the dehaze value appears in Lightroom history. Thanks Arthur.

Download the latest version LRHazeFilters – containing adjustments for global dehaze and filters or see a full version history

See the main LRHazeFilters page for comments about the versions of Lightroom that the plug-in works on.



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