This is just the beginning of a collection of information that I hope is useful.

So far I have:



  1. I’ve just tried the plug-in for LR6.3 and my LR Plug-in Manager status field says the plug-in is enabled but an error message appeared and the Plug-In is not listed as added. Anyone got a solution?


  2. Hi,

    Many thanks for making this, I’m getting the following error message when attempting to use the “Graduated and radial filter option on a Mac running LR 6.9. Any ideas? Many thanks.

    An internal error has occurred.

    [string “LRFilters.lua”]:177: attempt to perform arithmetic on field ‘LocalDehaze’ (a nil value)


    • Thomas
      Thanks for the really useful feedback. I have updated the plugin to try to handle the missing data condition that you ran into. Please download the new version (2.1) and see if you have any similar errors.


    • Ian,
      The dialog box should be empty if you have not created any filters. I have add a comment on the page that describes how LRFilters works to suggest that if the dialog is empty you cancel it, and use the normal LR functions to create a filter, then try it again.
      If you did have a filter in place in the current photo but the dialog is empty I would like to know more about what is going on.


  3. Works a treat on LR 6.9 – an excellent tool! Thanks for your hard work implementing it, and for making it free.

    I’m trying very hard not to overuse it 😉


  4. Thanks very much for your work. The good news: I have been able to update LrHazeFilters to support the adjustment brush in LR 6.13 by adding “PaintBasedCorrections”.


  5. I just got a new computer using Windows 10 (hate it). I’m trying to re-install DeHaze into LR6 but I just keep getting an error message that it can’t install, no further details as to why. Any suggestions?


    • Laurie,
      The first thing to check is that you have a folder named LRHazeFilters.lrplugin (the folder name must end in .lrplugin). The second thing to check is the LRHazeFilters.lrplugin folder contains just 4 files: Info.lua LRFilters.lua LRHaze.lua and LRHazeFiltersInfo.lua These files must have been extracted from the zip you downloaded – you can not just point Lightroom at the folder inside the zip. Finally make sure you a pointing Plug-in Manager at the LRHazeFilters.lrplugin folder.
      Personally I think Win 10 is OK – if you are new to it allow yourself some time to adjust.


  6. Gary,

    I think I may have figured out the problem. I just tried re-installing again, and got a different error message this time. Now it says that it can’t install because I am running LR6.0. I forgot to update LR after installing on my new computer. I will update now, and hope that solves the problem.


  7. Great work, on my Imac I just installed the plugh-in aand it works fine. Is there any way to have the Dehaze control box to be show permanently as part of the GUI? Best regards Jan Staack


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